Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson with Troy MacCubbin

GuitarWank is home to the podcast archive of guitar legends Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson.

Guitarwank - Episode 99.32 July 11th, 2018

Bruce & Troy try desperately to continue on giving away prizes, talking about Joe Pass and try to bride you to keep listening while Scott is locked away in his studio.

Guitarwank - Episode 99.30 June 26th, 2018

Another winner is announced, Guests Rob Harris & Rob Garland join the Aussie Bastard on the couch while Bruce & Troy continue to talk on Scott free while Scott is busy in his Studio creating his next masterpiece.

Guitarwank - Episode 99.29 June 18th, 2018

Bruce & Troy continue talking shit & more shit, with a little bit of different shit with a dash of some other shit. Enjoy this shit ;)

Guitarwank - Episode 99.28 June 5th, 2018

Bruce jumps off a plane from New Zealand, still high to join Troy for another amazing episode of GuitarWank.  Up ya bum!

Guitarwank - Episode 99.27 June 5th, 2018

And so it begins or ends with Scott Henderson, Bruce Forman & Troy MacCubbin - Rant away fellas, Rant away 

Guitarwank - Episode 99W May 8th, 2018

Scott Henderson, Bruce Forman & Troy MacCubbin save the world yet again with another amazing podcast!