Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson with Troy MacCubbin

GuitarWank is home to the podcast archive of guitar legends Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson.

Guitarwank - Episode 99T April 17th, 2018

Bruce & Troy talk with a little help from a Rob Harris gift.  Lets just say it was really really good scotch.  ;)   Thanks Rob!!

Guitarwank - Episode 99S Dannielle DeAndrea April 10th, 2018

The amazing Dannielle DeAndrea continues to sit down with us a talk shop, vocaLs female vocalists, musicians and life!  ;)

Guitarwank - Episode 99R April 4th, 2018

Bruce its down with Troy too share an intimate, deep and meaningful discussion about 2 5 1's  and other numbers that we use in music.  WTF? A lesson?
Really?  Cool!

Guitarwank - Episode 99N Norms rare Guitars March 13th 2018

Breaking News from the Pedal Show and Josh Smith and then we sit down with Norm from Norms rare Guitars.  Fun Stories and an interesting tale.