Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson with Troy MacCubbin

GuitarWank is home to the podcast archive of guitar legends Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson.

GuitarWank - Episode 94 - Josh Smith - Oct 30th 2017

Scott, Troy & Bruce continue with Josh Smith and take the conversation into many meaningful, intellectual directions.  No, not really.... But hey, its great having Josh on the show ;)

GuitarWank - Episode 93 - Josh Smith - Oct 23rd 2017

Guitarist Josh Smith joins us on the couch as we ask him the tough, deep and difficult questions. Will Josh survive this event!  Find out bitches!  Scott Henderson, Bruce Forman & I did our best to get the truth once and for all!  

GuitarWank - Episode 92 - Oct 16th 2017

Scott Henderson, Troy MacCubbin & Sir Bruce Forman tackle everything in the universe and YES they solve all the problems!! Its crazy!! Just listen!  

GuitarWank - Episode 91 - Oct 9th 2017 Shane Theriot

Shane Theriot joins us again, Scott free from all the dramas in the world.  Well kind of.......

GuitarWank - Episode 90 - Oct 2nd 2017

What the hell do you say?  We loose 59 people and another 527 wounded & on top of that we loose Tom Petty!   A hard day for all of us.  ;(  Shane Theriot will help take our minds off the BS!

GuitarWank - Episode 89 - Sept 25th 2017

Scott & Bruce friendly discuss the inner workings of composition while the host, Troy laughs his ass off!!

GuitarWank - Episode 88 - Richard Smith - Sept 18th 2017

Richard Smith again joins the guys on the couch for some dirty disgusting acoustic Guitar talk. Yes, listeners beware!!

GuitarWank - Episode 87 - Richard Smith - Sept 11th 2017

Ok here we go mates!! This week, special guest Richard Smith!  Great Bloke! An amazing player!!  Sit back and enjoy ;)