Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson with Troy MacCubbin

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Guitarwank Episode 99.39 September 18th, 2018

Scott, Bruce & Troy runaway to a nudest colony only to find out that no Guitars are allowed because they get in the way. Its a horrible day of discovery for the young lads so they gather themselves to talk and vent. Now didn't we just all learn something?

Guitarwank Episode 99.38 September 11th, 2018

Bruce & Troy go deep with Greg V and discover what its really like to be talented. Like they never knew?? Hahahahahahhaha I guess that is debatable.

Guitarwank Episode 99.37 September 4th, 2018

Finally Scott comes out of hiding and rejoins the group long enough to think maybe Scott should go back into hiding. What dramas will happen this week?   Who will loose their insanity?  What GuitarWank Host will get shot?  Who will go to the next round?

Guitarwank Episode 99.36 August 28th, 2018 Greg V

Greg V talks with Bruce & Troy again for more everything! Everything I say!  what did I just say??? EVERYTHING!!  Just shut up and listen!! ;)

Guitarwank Episode 99.35 August 21th, 2018 Greg V

OMG god you guys aren't done yet!! Bruce & Troy sit down with the amazing talent Greg V & talk & talk & Talk & Talk. You should listen to this one!!