Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson with Troy MacCubbin

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GuitarWank - Episode 177 - July 16th 2019 Tommy Emmanuel

The great Tommy Emmanuel joins Bruce Forman for a sit down interview in Nashville at the Chet Atkins appreciation society 2019

GuitarWank - Episode 176 - July 10th 2019 Troy Dexter

Our great talented mate Troy Dexter joins us! With his gig this Friday at Vitellos in Studio City!

GuitarWank - Episode 175 - July 1st 2019 Scott Henderson

Special guest Scott Henderson debuts his NEW album People Mover! Its out Bitches!!!

GuitarWank - Episode 174 - June 25th 2019 Scott henderson

Special guest Scott Henderson joins us hahahahahaha

GuitarWank - Episode 173 - June 11th 2019 Steve Lukather

LUKE is in da house!

GuitarWank - Episode 172 - May 29th 2019 Joe LoDuca

And now for something different. Joe LoDuca.

GuitarWank - Episode 171 - May 20th 2019 Steve Lukather

LUKE is STILL here……

GuitarWank - Episode 170 - May 13th 2019 Steve Lukather


GuitarWank - Episode 79 - July 17th 2017

We get back to the guys & start off with some jokes, stories & information that you as a human being can't do without. YOU BETTER SIGN UP TO THIS PODCAST! DON"T MAKE US COME OVER THERE!

GuitarWank - Episode 69 - May 8th 2017

Homer, Bart & Marge discuss the inner workings of the Guitar & music while ignoring Grandpa & watching porn with the cast of Friends. Yes its another Whacky episode in the GuitarWank world. Oh Troy crashes into a car, Scott shits his pants & Bruce forgets