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GuitarWank - Episode 99G - Adam Levy - January 22nd 2018

The amazing Adam Levy joins us Scott Free and we go deep into the arm pits of being a Guitarist, a musician, a horse, an elephant and Jazz.

GuitarWank - Episode 99F - January 15th 2018

sing sing sing sing with Dannielle DeAndrea joining us on the couch. And its our 2nd year anniversary!!  WooHoo! 

GuitarWank - Episode 99E - January 9th 2018

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! 

GuitarWank - Episode 99D - January 2018

Happy New Year!  The guys realize its 2018 and make a stand together to make sure the show is even more awesome than what it was back in 2017!  No, not really, but its always fun to dream. 

GuitarWank - Episode 99C - December 26th 2017

Oh the holiday episode is finally here. Music from a bunch of stuff Scott & Bruce has done. There you go, sit back and enjoy the crazy.  Its all here!  Last show for the year baby!!!!

GuitarWank - Episode 99B - December 18th 2017

We return with Shane Theriot, Bruce & Troy while Scott is missing in action. Tis the season ladies & gentleman.  Lets go!

GuitarWank - Episode 99A - December 11th 2017

YES!  WooooHooooo!  Finally!! We made it!!  But wait.....WTF!!   Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!  ;)   Where's Scott Henderson & Bruce Forman?  Why is Troy crying??  Or is he?

GuitarWank - Episode 99 - December 4th 2017

Troy MacCubbin, Scott Henderson & Bruce Forman enjoy discussing music, life, drugs, sex & Rock & Roll in a Jazz situation. No not really  ;)

GuitarWank - Episode 98 - Nick Granville - NOV 20th 2017

Kiwi Guitarist Nick Granville joins us on the couch to share his views on spending way too much time with sheep on lonely nights ;) Only jk, Or am I?  You better listen to this one to find out the truth & I mean the TRUTH!

GuitarWank - Episode 97 - NOV 20th 2017

Bruce Forman & Scott Henderson talk with Troy MacCubbin on this thanksgiving week of GuitarWank