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GuitarWank - Episode 151 - Jan 1st, 2019 Robben Ford

HAPPY NEW YEAR GuitarWank listeners! Please enjoy this last Robben Ford Episode and thank you for all of your support! 2019 here we come bitches!

GuitarWank - episode 99.53 - December 27th, 2018 Lyle Workman

And AGAIN Bruce, Troy & Scott enjoy Mr.Lyle Workman’s company as well as helping the guys to make sense of everything. Thanks Lyle! HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHES

GuitarWank - episode 99.52 - December 18th, 2018 Lyle Workman

Bruce & Troy watch Scott eat and then Mr.Lyle Workman joins the guys to help them make sense of everything. Thanks Lyle!

GuitarWank - episode 99.48 - November 19th, 2018 Bruce & Troy

Bruce & Troy talk about ........I have no idea what they talking about. You listen and tell me. I quit! I can't do this anymore! Bloody Guitarists!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

GuitarWank - episode 99.44 - October 23th, 2018 Joe Bonamassa

We continue with Joe Bonamassa, Bruce Forman & Troy MacCubbin on this GuitarWanker episode. Last one for Joe and then we have Robben Ford coming up.